Emerged from a longestablished lawfirm focused on shipping law HOLLAND RECHTSANWÄLTE has consistently specialised in the following fields of practise:

  • Commercial transportation of passengers and goods by ship (collision and salvage, cargo claims, ship arrests, labour law especially social security law and employment of foreign workers on board, public law such as waterway permits and police registration, criminal law),

  • Carriage of goods by road, rail and air

  • Watersports (esp. yachting, hull and casuality insurance) and aviation

  • Insurance law (property and liability insurance, Personal Risk Insurance
    including health, life, accident and disability insurance)
Franco-German legal relations are another part of the core areas of the firm’s activities.

The firm’s active network of foreign experts in our fields of practice is abundant and especially in the southern and eastern parts of Europe thoroughly tried and tested over years.

HOLLAND RECHTSANWÄLTE represent not only companies of the carrying business but also German and foreign insurance-companies. In the same degree the firm supports insurants in enforcing their rights.